Morning sun by Matej Sitar, a tribute to the beloved.

Today is a post about a fellow photobook blogger and also a photographer… a bit like me in fact, and here am I talking about his work as a photographer.

What does it mean to become a father for the first time? How will everything change, what will the days look like and what will be the new routine? Well, I can’t tell the answers to any of those questions, at least not now anyhow.” This is how Matej introduces his new book.


The title of the book is “Morning sun” which, for me, symbolises all the hopes of a new day. The first look through a window, in the morning, could indicate what the spirit of the day will be, and I assume this is what this title means : the morning sun of a new life.

The book can be considered as a diary of the couple’s pregnancy (in some countries, it is considered that the two are pregnant). Maja, carrying the growing fetus, and Matej, fussing around and trying to find answers to his own questions. The book is both, a tribute to his wife, and a catharsis : the tribute to his beloved, involved in the slow process of giving birth and a catharsis for Matej, temporarily excluded of the process itself, trying to find a cure to his growing anxieties. And therefore, he used photography to express his feelings.

P1090594 P1090596  P1090599 P1090605

The book is a succession of small moments with different levels of concentration. We stay beside him staring at a detail of Maja’s body with the fascination of the changes of her forms, and then, we run outside with little bashfulness. It takes nine months to give birth and the changes of seasons work as a metaphor of the cycle of life.

P1090597P1090598 P1090603

A bit like a woman’s envy, while pregnant, Matej concentrates on some details which are completely out of context, some water drops, flowers, clothespins… like a wandering mind, always brought back to Maja playing guitar, fishing, walking in the street or having a shower. She is the obsession of the book, and whatever Matej tries to entertain his mind, he is always back to her.

P1090595 P1090600 P1090601 P1090602

One of the quality of the book is that it does not show us any chronology, it is all mixed up. We do not begin with a pregnancy test, neither end with the birth. When I was talking about a diary, it has more to do with feelings than with facts, except for a few photographs showing Maja’s belly, we would not even notice about her pregnancy and the changes that means for a couple. The book is about Matej’s love emphasized by his feelings.


This is finally the answer of his questions. Yes it has changed his life because she/they became, once and for all, the most important persons in his life.

Well… It is all a question of love ! And I wish the very best to you all members of this new family !

Hardcover book, 21×24 cm, 68 pages, limited edition of 500 books
Self published in 2014

More info :

Booksigning at Le Bal, on Thursday 24th September, at 07h00 PM :

All images copyright Matej Sitar

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