Right time right place, by Robert Rutöd


There is something refreshing in Robert Rutöd’s book : his way of looking at the world. A kind of positivism a bit ridiculous, that we had forgotten with the relative demise of the popular genre in the twentieth century, of street photography. With his camera, Robert tracks down small daily incongruities. The subject is not always obvious, it may need to check twice the image to discover a second degree.


The book is full of situations of “déjà vu”, which make them easy to identify with. One has the impression of having already lived this scene, elsewhere, in another time! Robert’s work could be seen like the pause button in the movie of life. One way to focus on a detail and stop the time, just for a moment and say: look how it’s silly! An image freeze to measure the reality effect associated with photography. The “it was” telling us the absurdity of the skier staring at the slope where only remains a tiny trace of snow, or these characters locked in a glass bubble, among rabbits enjoying freedom around them.


Like any book, especially in the world of self publishing, this book is also a form of self-portrait. It tells us a lot about the author, on his way to look around. Let go of photographers in a city for a week and you will get as many views of the city as photographers, which would even give the impression that they were not in the same place. But it is precisely about Robert’s book: being at the right place at the right time … or vice versa!


Published in 2015 by Behindscreen. 120 pages, 55 color photographs, 21 x 24 cm. Print run: 300 copies. Red metal foil embossed hard cover, thread binding. Foreword by Aline Smithson.

More info : http://www.rutoed.com



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