Dear Santa Claus – a photobook wishlist.

So here is coming another list for the end of the year. But I don’t want to play the expert, or award a prize, so I add an extra rule for my recommendations. I will not list books that are out of print. My idea is that everybody can buy a book from this wishlist. So no « Hidden Islam », « Red string », « Euromaidan », « I’m still looking for my own Jane Gallagher », « Linger » or « Teikai » which were all fantastic books published this year.

So here are my recommendations, in no particular order :

Volunteer, by Paul Seawright, published by Artist Photo Books, technically from 2013, but only available in 2014 : an exploration of America post 9-11 through suburban landscapes from military recruiting stations. More info in a previous post :

And the site of the Publisher :

volunteer01 volunteer03 volunteer05 volunteer08 volunteer09

Life and work, by Sune Jonsson, published by Bokförlaget Max Ström. I really do not understand why this book remain completely out of the radars. A huge and wonderful monography, beautifully printed, of the Swedish photographer of the rurality.

The site of the Publisher :

10003159_460130567450763_1782115201_n 10176268_460130707450749_1878131557_n 10154182_460130857450734_1518464482_n 1978910_460130684117418_1930204807_n 10155916_460130807450739_2052397524_n

You scared the shit out of me so I am leaving, by Calin Cruse, published by Dienacht Publishing. An exploration of erotic fairs. A very simple and efficient book beautifully designed.

Site of the Publisher :

IMGP6308-930x617 IMGP6310-930x617 IMGP6346-930x617 IMGP6349-930x617 IMGP6351-930x617

Becoming Simone, by Alessia Bernardini, self published. The very sensitive story of Simone, a man born in the body of a girl and his lifelong battle to finally get the proper body he wants.

More details in a previous post :

And Alessia Bernardini’s site :

P1090546 6444 6440 6439 6435

One road, by Kazuo Kitai, published by Zen Foto gallery. One of the most beautiful book by Kazuo Kitai who remains a lot more known for his protest books. A walk through devastated landscapes after the tsunami in 2011 (which finally becomes a form of protest !)

Site of the Publisher :

10612924_534021343395018_3670559799527740431_n P1110048 P1110050 P1110051 P1110052

Shauna 2007 – 2009, by Sean Lee, selfpublished. For three years, Sean Lee became Shauna, a beautiful ladyboy and this book is the story of Shauna. She shares her life with us, entering her intimacy. A very touching story !

My previous post about Shauna :

Sean Lee’s site :

10685582_543671299096689_23717933003001750_n P1100341 P1100342 P1100348 P1100351

Alone Together, by Mi-Yeon, published by Kaya books. A beautifully crafted book of black and white photographs about what it means to be part of a society and our relationships to others. Remind me some of the Provoke books.

Mi-Yeon’s site :

10628182_548248768638942_2265060045975479211_n 10380527_548248808638938_6985691183066570189_o 10254022_548248765305609_3855823305730726534_n 1796717_548248795305606_7623016506138567899_o 10630638_548248745305611_5623693266877729573_o

Sequester, by Awoiska Van der Molen, published by Fw : Alone, in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by nature… with some photos printed on black paper which become drawn by the light !

The publisher’s site :

P1110061P1110055 P1110058 P1110059 P1110060

2041, published by Here Press. A collection of photographs of an unknown person dressed in self made burquas. One of the weirdest book published this year ! Not easy to say more, you have to look at the book to get your own opinion. It also comes with three different prints to personalize the cover.

Here press site :

2041-cover 2041-spread-1 2041-spread-6 2041-spread-9 2041-spread-11

Face Nord, by Charles Delcourt, published by Light Motiv. A French photographer, former landscape architect take us to a visit of the Northern part of France with its spoil tips. Charles emphatically shows the exact reasons why I love so much this area. With three short stories by Ukainian writer Andrei Kourkov.

The site of the Publisher :

10376838_572143226249496_171383608787961356_n1495917_572143232916162_602371600159338444_o 1797005_572143346249484_2021044775236020063_o  10476125_572143322916153_3797515967386345533_o 10680063_572143376249481_2209546545266476113_o

And an extra one which cannot be bought :

Ibasyo, by Kosuke Okahara, selfpublished. A print run of 6 copies, but the book is not for sale. The six copies can be borrowed for a certain time and each one will have its own journey around the world. The book is about 6 Japanese girls who suffer from self injury. The last third of the book is made of blank pages where you can write a personnal message to one of the six girls. At the end of the journey, each book will be given to one of the six girls. This is really refreshing in the photobook world of collectors and comsumption.

More info in a previous post :

And the site dedicated to the books :

621 641 637 631 629

All images copyright the authors and publishers.


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